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Benefits of Orthodontics

Straight teeth aren't just more attractive!

                      Improved Appearance                   Better Oral Health                    Proper Oral Function

Improved Appearance

The most visible benefit of undergoing orthodontic treatment is the improved appearance and self-esteem that comes from a straight, beautiful smile! It is commonly observed and reported that improved appearance can help a person’s academic, professional and personal success, and that one of the most significant factors of appearance is a wide, bright smile. Having a beautiful smile can help a patient look and feel better about themselves, which can have a significant impact on every aspect of their life. Orthodontics is clearly worth the cost and time when considering what benefits are available, which can explain orthodontics’ increased popularity over the last few decades.

Orthodontics makes you more beautiful

Orthodontics improves your oral health

Better Oral Health

Straight teeth aren’t just more attractive – they’re also easier to clean. Teeth in proper alignment offer little to no room for food particles to become trapped and turn into enamel-degrading plaque and caries. Also, severe orthodontic cases can make certain teeth more vulnerable to injury. Improper tooth alignment can also lead to gum and soft tissue recession, contributing to periodontal disease.

Some malocclusions such as protruding upper teeth are more likely to be broken in an accident, so repositioning and aligning them with other teeth can result in a decreased risk for fracture, especially during childhood and adolescence. Moreover, orthodontics may prevent teeth from wearing unevenly or breaking easily induced by teeth misalignments.


Proper oral Function

Orthodontics is one of the most comprehensive – and non-invasive – options for treating jaw discrepancy problems. Since we depend on food to survive, jaw muscles and joints will often adapt to bad teeth positioning in order to maximize chewing effectiveness, even if it means putting those joints into a position that can cause damage over time. Thus, having teeth that are properly aligned can restore jaws to their proper position, offering benefits for such far-ranging symptoms as jaw popping, jaw and chewing pain, migraines and sleep disorders such as sleep apnea.

Orthodontics improves your oral functions

Orthodontics makes you chewing more effective

Many people experience chewing difficulties due to misalignment of the teeth or other reasons. Although chewing problems may be something people believe they just have to get used to, especially if the problems develop over time, this is not the case.  There are a number of orthodontic treatments that can help the individual correct the causes of chewing problems, often with minimal invasiveness.


Besides, orthodontics may help patient to speak more clearly. For instance, in some severe dentoskeletal malocclusions, saying /s/ or /z/ is problematic (lisping problem). In such cases closing the vertical and horizontal gap between upper and lower anterior teeth, at least may help solve the speech problem to some extent.

orthodontics may help patient to speak more clearly

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“ Benefits of Orthodontics ”


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